The significance of Vigiles

The original ‘Vigiles’ were formed by Caesar Augustus in ancient Rome. The onset of a devastating fire in AD 6 made Augustus aware of the need for an organised fire fighting force. Until that time, fire fighting had been in the hands of a band of men organised by the corrupt profiteer Marcus Crassus, who would first negotiate the price before extinguishing the fire. The Vigiles patrolled the streets of Rome looking for fires and furthermore acted as a kind of police corps at night. This multi-disciplinary or integrated approach to safety is therefore certainly as old as 6 AD.


Between the old and the new ‘Vigiles’ there are parallels. By being vigilant and anticipating the "smoke signals" in advance, we are able to advise our customers how they can respond to new trends and developments in technology, legislation, etc. Like the Roman Vigiles, we are multi-disciplinary and we approach safety from a multi-disciplinary angle. Safety is a whole concept: it is not limited to a single area such as fire safety, but always associated with the world around us in numerous other ways. Learn more about our company.